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2009/10 PSC Navy    Hannah Goff

2008 PSC Navy         Jimmy Canoles/ Billy Foos

2007 PSC Navy            Val Teixeira / Gaby Davis 

2006 PSC Navy     Casey Berger / Jacob Doyle ( Goucher College Women's Assistant Coach) Trainer

2005 PSC Navy     Greg Gardner/ Trainer TBD

2004 PSC Navy       Laurie Schwoy / Val Teixeira

2003 PSC Navy      Val Teixeira

2003 PSC White     Lucio Gonzaga

2001/2002 PSC Navy  Jacob Doyle (Goucher College Women's Assistant Coach)

2001 PSC Navy      Val Teixeira/Jimmy Canoles

2000 PSC Navy       Laurie Schwoy/Val Teixeira



09/10 PSC Navy    John Goff

08 PSC Navy         Frank Schmidt

08 PSC White        Frank Schmidt

07 PSC Navy         Jonatas Melo

06 PSC Navy      Jonatas Melo

06 PSC White        James Canoles

05 PSC Navy         John Goff

05 PSC White        John Goff

04 PSC Navy         Lucio Gonzaga

04 PSC White        Steve Bender

01/02 PSC Navy     Chris Reif

01/02 PSC White    Johnny Frederick