Player Payment and Acceptance Directions

There has been some confusion on what to do and why certain screens are coming up.  Please try these directions first before contacting administrators.

1.  Delete your browser history-if you don't it will mess up the process.

2a. Open email and click the ACCEPT button on your invitation

2b. If no invite click this link and sign in using the email and password you used to register your player.

4.  A pop up with show-click ACCEPT

4a.  If you have not been given a discount code...skip this step. 

5. If asked, use household name NOT new registrant or user.  There should be NO drop down menu that shows only a few boys groups.  You are in the wrong registration area.  Don't just select a group and pay.

6.  Follow each step...make a donation if you want to or just continue

7.  Do not add more registrants when prompted to do so.

8.  When you get to the payment page it asks if you want to pay in full or installments.  Please select the option you want.  If you select installments, it will open two boxes below.  Click on June 1st payment.

9.  Proceed to check out.  Make sure you submit the payment when prompted. 

10.  Make sure you are at the end.  Close browser. 

email Jason Russell directly with any issues.